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Lipoaspiration – Regenerative Therapy for pain

What is Lipoaspiration?

Human adipose tissue (fat) are introduced as a new source of effective Regenerative medicine. The adipose-tissue derived Regenerative medicine are known to be easily harvested through minimally invasive methods.

Lipoaspiration involves harvesting of adipose tissue with plentiful source of MSC. These may be used for tissue-engineering purposes.

How is Lipoaspiration Performed?

Adipose tissue-derived Regenerative medicine (ADSCs) are isolated from fat tissues using a collagenase digestion method. This is the most extensively used technique for isolation.  This is followed by a separation utilizing centrifugation. The ADSCs are then checked for compliance with the good manufacturing practice guidelines. They also seem to be more genetically stable for long-term use.

Benefits of Lipoaspiration 

Lipoaspiration has emerged as a component of therapeutic regenerative medicine. The adipose tissue-derived Regenerative medicine have a wide selection of growth factors that makes them appear clinically appealing.